Representing San Francisco’s Employees

At the Law Offices of Moss & Hough, we have collectively spent over 75 years representing clients. We have dedicated our careers to helping people like you and have chosen to focus significantly on employees. As an employee, you deserve respect and have a right to equal treatment. When you don’t receive that in your workplace, work with our experienced attorneys to protect yourself. Below, we discuss the different areas in which we can help advocate for you.

Wrongful Loss Of Employment

In California, employment is presumed to be “at-will” meaning that an employer can fire an employee at any time for any reason. However, the courts and the legislature have made significant exceptions to the “at-will” rule. Many statutes protect employees from demotion and termination, including:

  • Discrimination laws protecting employees from employment decisions based on race, age, sexual orientation, gender, religion and disability, to name a few
  • Filing workers’ compensation claims or labor commission claims
  • Complaints about workplace safety or disclosing illegal acts of an employer to a governmental agency
  • Taking medical leave or for family care
  • Protesting an employer’s unlawful practices involving wage violation, safety and discipline

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Discrimination: Disparate Treatment And Impact

There are two types of discrimination. Disparate treatment is when a member of a protected class of employees is treated differently and less favorably by an employer in terms of compensation, conditions or privileges of employment than nonclass members. Disparate impact is where a disproportionate number of employees of a certain class do not enjoy the same benefits, privileges and opportunities as nonclass members. Again, members of protected classes can bring these claims.

Harassment From Employers, Co-Workers Or Customers

Statutes prohibit harassment based on a protected class. Harassment is defined as verbal, physical or visual conduct that is unwanted and is either severe or pervasive. Harassment has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work environment by creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive workplace.

Unlawful Retaliation From Your Employer

Retaliation occurs when an employee engages in a “protected activity” and then suffers an adverse employment action because of it. Protected activities include complaints to employers about health, safety, discrimination, harassment, failure to pay wages at the proper rate and almost any other statutorily protected right of a worker.

Violations Of Your Proper Wages

There are several types of Labor Code violations that employers frequently abuse. They include:

  • Misclassification of employees as exempt from overtime
  • Requiring employees to work “off the clock”
  • Missed meal and rest breaks
  • Unreimbursed business expenses
  • Failure to pay out vacation time on termination and related conduct

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Work With Attorneys Who Will Advocate For You

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